Learn how to become a legendary multi-genre event DJ with remote DJ School via Whatsapp.

From First Course to First Class, I have 20 years of experience as a full-time DJ and 10 years before that as a part-time hobbyist.

I’m confident I can help you improve your DJ skills, whatever your level. Tennis star Roger Federer still needs a tennis coach, so you can never stop learning.

Learn how to:

  • DJ using your eyes as well as your ears.
  • Walk into to any event, party, club, bar, festival and be the best they’ve heard.
  • Embrace song requests… or politely deal with toxic requests.
  • Transition between songs of different genres using my rules of “song attitude” and not age, key or bpm. (Sometimes a gap in between some songs can be a good thing!)

It’s up to you how many lessons you want, and how often you log into your DJ School. I’ll teach you:

  • Song selection and what to look out for when choosing the next track.
  • Taking a wedding or event audience from the first course of their meal through to the first dance and beyond, with hands in the air all the way until the close.
  • All the tricks of how to get the best out of the mic.
  • That in most venues in the digital age many people expect to hear multi-genre or open format DJing.

Send me a whatsapp message to 0044 7970 800830 to arrange a free 15-minute consultation ahead of us agreeing a proposed lesson plan.

Lessons are charged at £35 / $45 / €40 per hour.

Interested in DJ School via WhatsApp?

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